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Check Processing

We are living in the electronic age, yet hand-written checks remain popular with consumers. Businesses can leverage technology to reduce risks associated with accepting checks and, at the same time, potentially reduce costs and improve cash flow.

Compass offers two primary forms of check processing: verification and conversion. Either method may include check guarantee.

Check verification means that the check service consults their current list of high-risk check writers to verify that the writer of the current check is not listed. Check guarantee means that the check service guarantees payment for checks that it approves.

Check conversion involves obtaining an authorization on an account number and submitting that record for funding at the end of the day. It uses the ACH network to electronically debit the customer's bank account.

Supported Processors
Compass Check Processing supports Check Verification through:
  • Certegy
  • FDMS Telecheck
  • Global Payments / NDC
  • NOVA
  • Paymentech Salem

Check Conversion is supported through:

  • Certegy
  • FDMS Telecheck