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Credit Card Processing

Credit Cards: you can’t live without them, but how do you live with them? As a merchant, how do you keep abreast of PCI Initiatives, compliance regulations, and, most importantly, how do you qualify for and actually GET that “discounted rate” you were quoted by your processor?

To begin with, understand that in a Retail face-to-face environment, the merchant must physically swipe the credit card in order to achieve the best rates. That’s because in the world of “discounted” rates, the use of advanced technologies at the point-of-sale is richly rewarded. The sophistication level of point of sale equipment has become a factor in determining Interchange  levels—which has a direct relationship to your ability to receive those highly coveted discounted rates.

Compass Technologies’ state-of-the-art EPP application provides the necessary data-handling to keep you at the leading edge of the complex and ever-changing credit card world. We have performed extensive research and have an ongoing commitment to stay abreast of all compliance regulations so YOU don’t have to. Because EPP maintains, stores and forwards the appropriate data elements on behalf of the merchants, you are provided the ability to qualify for the best discounted transaction rates possible for your given industry and marketplace. EPP is a complete solution that has incorporated PCI initiatives as well as compliance regulations for all payment types supported.

In addition, our complete software solution supports high-speed access to a very long list of supported processors. What does that mean to you? Well, it gives you the flexibility to continue your relationship with your current processor or change processors with minimal configuration changes, still qualify for the best rates per your industry, and receive 2-5 second response times.

To understand discounted rates, you need to understand a little about the Association Interchange Process flow. Merchants are being quoted discounted rates but many in the process are not being properly informed that they must “qualify” for the discounted rates that were initially quoted to them. If you are interested in learning more about the Association Interchange Process flow, please see the link to the Association Interchange Process Overview document.