Our solutions are tailored for retailers, distributors, non-profits, and many more.

We work with a variety of businesses across many industries and sectors. Although we specialize in retail, distribution, wholesale, and non-profit, we serve clients in a multitude of industries. If you do not see your industry listed below, contact us and we can help you determine if Compass Technologies’ solutions are right for you.

As the retail landscape continues to change, retailers face unique challenges like digital disruption and increasing competition.

In today’s market, customers are doing their own research online for the best price and how quickly they can get a product before they ever enter a physical store. However, according to Forbes, customers still prefer to purchase most products in-store over other purchasing methods.

With that said, once shoppers are in-store they expect outstanding and memorable experiences, and technology is a major part of that experience. For example, at checkout, shoppers expect to pay with credit cards and redeem gift cards and discounts. A retail management system that meets the unique demands of shoppers is imperative to success for retailers.

Compass Technologies offers a complete retail management system that’s fully embedded in Microsoft Dynamics GP to help you manage your store. Customizable point of sale, payment processing, and inventory management solutions help you run your business successfully.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP offers a variety of modules including sales, inventory, purchasing, and more to meet the demands of wholesalers and distributors. However, sometimes additional functionality is required to run complex businesses efficiently. Compass Technologies offers inventory management solutions that go beyond what Dynamics GP can provide out-of-the-box.

Compass Technologies’ inventory management solutions allow wholesalers and distributors to track all their stock across multiple warehouses and storefronts ensuring quick and accurate order processing. Easily track stock quantities, markdown products, and sell to retailers and other clients from your warehouse. Compass Technologies solutions are built inside Microsoft Dynamics GP and provide control over your inventory and access to data in real-time.

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Non-profit and not-for-profit organizations go above and beyond to carry out their core mission. While the organization’s mission is always top of mind, just like any other business, operational duties such as accounting and payroll, must be carried out to run successfully and efficiently. In special circumstances, organizations need to pay non-traditional employees that may be exempt from minimum wage.

Compass Technologies offers an add-on module for Microsoft Dynamics GP that makes it easy for employers to pay employees by piece rather than the hour or salary. Additionally, organizations can track time studies inside Dynamics GP to determine the prevailing wage of non-hourly employees. Non-profit organizations can easily track employee information such as medications, transportation, medical conditions, and more. Compass Technologies’ piecework payroll processing solution includes enhanced reporting capabilities, allowing managers to monitor staff and the progress of each task. Move away from spreadsheets and process payroll the same way you do today in Dynamics GP Payroll.

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