Matrix Inventory for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Define and track inventory in multiple dimensions.

Matrix Inventory (MTX), an add-on module for Microsoft Dynamics GP, is an indispensable product that defines and tracks Microsoft Dynamics GP Inventory items in 1-2 dimensions. Dynamics GP Inventory has limited functionality for item dimensions. MTX inventory defines and tracks multiple colors and sizes or lengths and widths, for all inventory items. MTX will also create unlimited SKUs, generate reports, secure data, and apply inventory-wide pricing adjustments and overrides making it an ideal solution for manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and retailers of all sizes.

Features and Benefits

  • Create one or two-dimensional matrices
  • Define price adjustments based on any column and/or row
  • Customize unlimited SKUs with dynamic descriptions
  • Track stock quantities and reorder levels by inventory site and style variation
  • Reduce data entry with grid-style transaction windows
  • Access extensive item inquiries and activity reports