Piecework Payroll Processing for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Pay employees by piece rather than salary or hour and track employee emergency contacts, medical conditions, and more. 

Rehabilitation Services and Vocational Payroll  (RSVP), an add-on module, extends Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll module and provides payroll solutions that are ideal for nonprofits and other organizations who utilize non-traditional employees that have barriers to employment. RSVP enables such organizations to adjust payroll for non-traditional/non-hourly wage earners.

Jobs can be set up based on time studies and the prevailing wage to track the production levels of non-hourly wage earners. Rehabilitation Services and Vocational Payroll (RSVP) also contains expanded reporting capabilities that enable management to monitor staff and clients. Organizations that benefit from this solution include, but are not limited to, the following: Human Service Organizations, Social Services Organizations, Small Group Homes, Disability Services, and Rehabilitation Facilities.

Features and Benefits

  • Extends Dynamics GP Payroll module
  • Adjusts payroll for non-traditional/non-hourly wage earners
  • Job/task set up with Time Study and Prevailing Wage information
  • Maintains critical employee information
  • Automatic subsidizing
  • Sophisticated reporting
  • Adjusts standard payroll for workers with barriers to employment
  • Reduces payroll completion time
  • Calculates actual piece work versus standard piece per hour
  • Easy access to emergency contacts, caseworkers, medical conditions etc.
  • Calculates the difference between minimum wage and standard piecework production
  • Reports: Job Resource, Client Progress, Activity Details and Consumer Proficiency