Stock Count Import for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Reduce manual data errors and improve efficiency by importing stock quantities in a single file.

Stock Count Import (SCI), an add-on module for Microsoft Dynamics GP, improves inventory efficiency by allowing counted quantities to be imported into a Microsoft Dynamics GP Stock Count ID from a file. SCI reduces time while entering counted quantities, by allowing import counted quantities to be started and created within Dynamics GP. Once inventory data is entered, SCI will recognize conflicting data, present the area in which the data is conflicting in a report, and then provide a simple resolution.

Processing is completed in Dynamics GP once the counted quantities are imported. SCI allows for item number flexibility by recognizing Dynamics GP item numbers and any other item numbers defined within Compass Technologies’ applications including Inventory Cross Reference and Matrix Inventory.

Features and Benefits

  • Counted quantities can be imported to a Dynamics GP Stock Count ID from a file
  • Recognizes conflicting inventory data and presents an error report
  • Reduces time while entering counted quantities
  • Simple resolution to inventory conflicts