Cashier and Manager Looking at POS System

There are many difficult decisions you must make when it comes to running your retail business. Choosing the perfect Point of Sale (POS) system is no different. Understanding what you want out of your POS, as well as what qualities make up a great system are just two things you must consider before making the leap and buying software. I have compiled a list of key qualities that you should be on the lookout for when selecting and implementing a new POS system into your business.  

#1 Simplicity

Most of the time, the cashiers who will be using your software day-to-day are not going to have a full understanding of your back-end processes. This means that making the front end as simple and user friendly as possible is a must. According to the Convenience Store News 2016 HR & Labor Study, “the turnover rate for store associates in the convenience store industry stands around 54 percent.” High turnover means that training employees is going to be an ongoing challenge and cost for your business. Ensuring that your POS system is simplistic enables you to train new cashiers in hours rather than days or even weeks. This limited down time will lower your training costs and free up resources.

#2 Integration

When your software is completely isolated from the rest of your accounting system, problems will arise time and time again. Real time metrics and reports are crucial to improving operational efficiency. Without an integrated POS system making educate decisions is nearly impossible. Trying to understand where you need to allocate resources when your front end store needs constant syncing costs your business time and money. Having a POS system that is fully integrated into your accounting system is necessary when it comes to running your business agilely.

#3 Support Team

Support is one of the most overlooked benefits that a solution can offer. So many POS providers out there do not take the time to write user manuals or offer knowledge bases, making the ability to do research on your own impossible. This means that your business is forced to contact the dreaded support team for help. If your solution does not have a spectacular support service, dealing with issues when they arise becomes a hassle and slows down or stops operations.  

#4 Permissions

In most situations, you don’t want just anyone to have access to your company data. It is important to find a solution that allows your business to restrict access to any or all of your employees. This way, someone such as a cashier, will only be able to process transactions while your managers will be able to void transactions and see back-end processes. Finding a permission-based POS system is key to success in any retail business.

#5 Processing Transactions Offline

Technical problems happen to every business at some point. An important factor when choosing the best POS system is the ability to continue processing transactions while technical issues, such as your internet going down, are wreaking havoc. Knowing that your sales will not be affected by something so common will give you peace of mind during a frustrating situation.

In conclusion, finding the perfect software for your needs can be challenging, but now you have a few key qualities to look for when deciding to implement a POS system. Ensuring that your new system meets all your needs and requirements is the most important step in selecting the right system.

If you are having difficulty selecting a POS system, we are happy to help you determine if Compass Technologies’s Retail Point of Sale solution is right for you.